Our Mission

Our Mission is Simple: Through the TEACHING of God’s Word our aim is to empower believers to grow spiritually, be used of God mightily and flourish personally in every area of their lives.

Grow Spiritually

Spiritual development is real. Spiritually you can be a baby, a child or an adult. As believers, we should be endeavoring to grow and develop spiritually. Spiritual growth does not happen by reason of time. It happens by feeding on The Word of God and by acting on The Word of God. Your spiritual development affects the quality of life that you live. To experience victory in every area of your life you must develop spiritually. Your spiritual development also affects the level at which God can use you to minister to other people. If you want to be used mightily by God to minister to other people you must continue to develop spiritually. It is our aim to train you up to a high place in the things of God so that you can be used of God in a powerful way and experience victory and prosperity in every area of your life.

Used Of God Mightily

It is God’s desire to work through every believer to minister to other people. God has sent you into the Earth to do something for Him. There’s no more enjoyable thing than to know that you’ve been used by God to minister to someone else. Fulfillment in life can come no other way than from doing what the Father has sent you to do. It is our aim to train you up in The Word Of God to position you to be used by God mightily in your life.

Flourish Personally

It is an inarguable Bible fact that God takes pleasure in the prosperity of His people (Psalm 35:27). Prosperity deals with you doing abundantly well in every area of your life (spirit, soul, body, relationships, and finances). Prospering in your life positions you to be a great blessing to other people. It is our aim to help you walking in victory over the enemy and experience God’s best in every area of your life.